• BATU SANGKA (I DAY TOUR) MKB 02, Pagaruyuang-Balimbiang Village-Batu Batikam

    Leave for Batu Sangka after breakfast or at 08.00 a.m or 09.00 a.m)
         On the way to Batusangka, you can stop by in the place that sells coffee Kawah with the fried of banana and casava., then enjoy the scenic highway  and landscape all around.
    a. Rumah Gadang Minang Kabau (Traditional House of    Minangkabau).
          The house has been existed for many years since Minangkabau kingdom appeared. The function of  this house is to held on if there is a meeting in the tribe of Minangkabau, such as if there is a couple who wants to get merried, to appoint or raise the leader of the tribe.
    b. Balimbiang Village
          Here you can see many traditional houses that were build many years ago by local people.
    c. Batu Batikam
          This place is located near to the market of Batusangkar, it takes about 15 minutes from the market. Here, you can see the carving unique chair is made from the stone with the hole at the top of it. Then go back to Bukittinggi.
    Things to bring:
    •    Small bag
    •    Swim suit
    •    Towel
    •    Rain jacket
    •    Good walking shoes
    •    Mosquito repellent
    •    Sun cream

    Cow Race (Pacu Jawi)
                   Pacu jawi or can be called cattle race in the Indonesian language is a traditional attraction that is contested in Tanah Datar regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
    Each year, these cattle racing competition is held in turns for four weeks in four sub-districts in Tanah Datar district, namely Pariangan sub-district, Rambatan sub-district, Lima Kaum sub-district and Sungai Tarab sub-district.
                   Pacu jawi has existed since hundreds of years ago, which was originally an activity undertaken by farmers after the harvest season to fill the spare time as well as a means of entertainment for the local community.
                   The cow race in is held on in the local community's paddy fields after harvest and in muddy conditions. The uniqueness of this race is that a pair of cows just ran alone without an opponent. The assessment of this race is straight or not straight pair of cows in running and how fast the cows run.
                   In addition, this activity is also combined with local community traditions, such as dance performances and traditional musical instruments.

                   A jockey rides a pair of cows (or jawi in Minang language) flanked by plowing equipment while holding a rope and biting the tail of both cows. the jockey will be equipped with a rover tool made of bamboo as a platform when the race begins. The tool is one of the tools used by farmers to plow the fields. Both cows’ tail has to be bitten and it will make the cow run faster, the stronger bitten of the cows tails, the faster the cow will run.
                   The winner of the competition is the one whose cows can run the most straightly without turning a bit to the finish line


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